The human brain is designed to process vast amounts of input that are continuously gathered through the senses. However, most experiments study the brain via simplified stimuli that do not resemble the complexity of a natural environment — a mismatch that needs to be addressed in order to better understand how the brain works. This project aims to provide essential components to enable inter-disciplinary research to study the brain's natural behavior and the versatile interactions of concurrent cognitive processes in everyday life.


Studying neural processing in real-life, rich natural environments requires adequate data, tested analysis strategies, and proven software tools that are capable deciphering brain activity pattern elicited by multiple concurrent neural processes.

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We provide extensive functional brain imaging data from natural stimulation, a rich set of auxiliary data, (such as structural brain scans, measurements of physiological, and technical confounds), as well as stimulus annotations.

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All data and software components are publicly available. There is no required sign-up or registration procedure. Data are released under an extremely permissive license and can be used by academic and commercial entities.

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