This page lists publications that either describe data provided by the StudyForrest project, or studies using these data or protocols.

Title Authors Journal Date Type
Quantity and quality: Normative open-access neuroimaging databases Isherwood SJ, Bazin PL, Alkemade A, Forstmann BU PLoS ONE 2021 Study
A studyforrest extension, an annotation of spoken language in the German dubbed movie “Forrest Gump” and its audio-description Häusler CO, Hanke M F1000Research 2021 Data
A Conjugate-Gradient Approach to the Parameter Estimation Problem of Magnetic Resonance Advection Imaging Simon Hubmer, Andreas Neubauer, Ronny Ramlau, Henning U. Voss Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering 2020 Study
Subject‐specific segregation of functional territories based on deep phenotyping Pinho AL, Amadon A, Fabre M, Dohmatob E, Denghien I, Torre JJ, Ginisty C, Becuwe‐Desmidt S, Roger S, Laurier L, Joly‐Testault V, Médiouni‐Cloarec G, Doublé C, Martins B, Pinel P, Eger E, Varoquaux G, Pallier C, Dehaene S, Hertz‐Pannier L, Thirion B Human Brain Mapping 2020 Citing
Searching through functional space reveals distributed visual, auditory, and semantic coding in the human brain Kumar S, Ellis CT, O’Connell TP, Chun MM, Turk-Browne NB PLoS Computational Biology 2020 Study
An fMRI dataset in response to “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, a socially-rich, naturalistic movie Visconti di Oleggio Castello M, Chauhan V, Jiahui G, Gobbini MI Scientific Data 2020 Citing
Individual Brain Charting dataset extension, second release of high-resolution fMRI data for cognitive mapping Pinho AL, Amadon A, Gauthier B, Clairis N, Knops A, Genon S, Dohmatob E, Torre JJ, Ginisty C, Becuwe-Desmidt S, Roger S, Lecomte Y, Berland V, Laurier L, Joly-Testault V, Médiouni-Cloarec G, Doublé C, Martins B, Salmon E, Piazza M, Melcher D, Pessiglione M, van Wassenhove V, Eger E, Varoquaux G, Dehaene S, Hertz-Pannier L, Thirion B Scientific Data 2020 Citing
Two hours in Hollywood: A manually annotated ground truth data set of eye movements during movie clip watching Agtzidis I, Startsev M, Dorr M Journal of Eye Movement Research 2020 Study
Leveraging shared connectivity to aggregate heterogeneous datasets into a common response space Nastase SA, Liu YF, Hillman H, Norman KA, Hasson U NeuroImage 2020 Citing
REMoDNaV: robust eye-movement classification for dynamic stimulation Dar AH, Wagner AS, Hanke M Behavior Research Methods 2020 Study
A naturalistic neuroimaging database for understanding the brain using ecological stimuli Aliko S, Huang J, Gheorghiu F, Meliss S, Skipper JI Scientific Data 2020 Study
Using high spatial resolution fMRI to understand representation in the auditory network Moerel M, Yacoub E, Gulban OF, Lage-Castellanos A, Martino FD Progress in neurobiology 2020 Citing
Movies and narratives as naturalistic stimuli in neuroimaging Jääskeläinen IP, Sams M, Glerean E, Ahveninen J NeuroImage 2020 Citing
Keep it real: rethinking the primacy of experimental control in cognitive neuroscience Nastase SA, Goldstein A, Hasson U NeuroImage 2020 Citing
Investigating time-varying functional connectivity derived from the Jackknife Correlation method for distinguishing between emotions in fMRI data Ghahari S, Farahani N, Fatemizadeh E, Motie Nasrabadi A Cognitive Neurodynamics 2020 Study
Capturing Shared and Individual Information in fMRI Data Javier S. Turek, Cameron T. Ellis, Lena J. Skalaban, Theodore L. Willke 2018 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2019 Study
Intersubject MVPD: Empirical comparison of fMRI denoising methods for connectivity analysis Yichen Li, Rebecca Saxe, Stefano Anzellotti PLoS One 2019 Study
Individual face- and house-related eye movement patterns distinctively activate FFA and PPA Wang L, Baumgartner F, Kaule FR, Hanke M, Pollmann S Nature Communications 2019 Study
Intersubject MVPD: Empirical comparison of fMRI denoising methods for connectivity analysis Li Y, Saxe R, Anzellotti S PLoS ONE 2019 Study
Nature abhors a paywall: How open science can realize the potential of naturalistic stimuli DuPre E, Hanke M, Poline JB NeuroImage 2019 Citing
Evaluating fMRI-Based Estimation of Eye Gaze During Naturalistic Viewing Son J, Ai L, Lim R, Xu T, Colcombe S, Franco AR, Cloud J, LaConte S, Lisinski J, Klein A, Craddock RC, Milham M Cerebral Cortex (New York, NY) 2019 Citing
Educational fMRI: From the Lab to the Classroom Seghier ML, Fahim MA, Habak C Frontiers in Psychology 2019 Citing
Emotionotopy in the human right temporo-parietal cortex Lettieri G, Handjaras G, Ricciardi E, Leo A, Papale P, Betta M, Pietrini P, Cecchetti L Nature Communications 2019 Study
A manually denoised audio-visual movie watching fMRI dataset for the studyforrest project Liu X, Zhen Z, Yang A, Bai H, Liu J Scientific Data 2019 Data
A dataset of continuous affect annotations and physiological signals for emotion analysis Sharma K, Castellini C, van den Broek EL, Albu-Schaeffer A, Schwenker F Scientific Data 2019 Data
A critical analysis of neuroanatomical software protocols reveals clinically relevant differences in parcellation schemes Shadia Mikhael, Corné Hoogendoorn, Maria Valdes-Hernandez, Cyril Pernet NeuroImage 2018 Study
The Hippocampal Film Editor: Sensitivity and Specificity to Event Boundaries in Continuous Experience Ben-Yakov A, Henson RN The Journal of Neuroscience 2018 Study
Individual Brain Charting, a high-resolution fMRI dataset for cognitive mapping Pinho AL, Amadon A, Ruest T, Fabre M, Dohmatob E, Denghien I, Ginisty C, Becuwe-Desmidt S, Roger S, Laurier L, Joly-Testault V, Médiouni-Cloarec G, Doublé C, Martins B, Pinel P, Eger E, Varoquaux G, Pallier C, Dehaene S, Hertz-Pannier L, Thirion B Scientific Data 2018 Citing
Neural Responses to Naturalistic Clips of Behaving Animals in Two Different Task Contexts Nastase SA, Halchenko YO, Connolly AC, Gobbini MI, Haxby JV Frontiers in Neuroscience 2018 Study
Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Synchronization of resting fMRI time-series across subjects Joshi AA, Chong M, Li J, Choi S, Leahy RM NeuroImage 2018 Study
Cooperating yet distinct brain networks engaged during naturalistic paradigms: A meta-analysis of functional MRI results Bottenhorn KL, Flannery JS, Boeving ER, Riedel MC, Eickhoff SB, Sutherland MT, Laird AR Network Neuroscience 2018 Citing
Teaching Computational Reproducibility for Neuroimaging Millman KJ, Brett M, Barnowski R, Poline JB Frontiers in Neuroscience 2018 Study
Hypersampling of pseudo-periodic signals by analytic phase projection Voss HU Computers in biology and medicine 2018 Study
Spatial band-pass filtering aids decoding musical genres from auditory cortex 7T fMRI Sengupta A, Pollmann S, Hanke M F1000Research 2018 Study
The effect of acquisition resolution on orientation decoding from V1 BOLD fMRI at 7 Tesla Sengupta A, Yakupov R, Speck O, Pollmann S, Hanke M NeuroImage 2017 Study
Structural Brain Correlations of Visuospatial and Visuoperceptual Tests in Parkinson’s Disease Garcia-Diaz AI, Segura B, Baggio HC, Marti MJ, Valldeoriola F, Compta Y, Bargallo N, Uribe C, Campabadal A, Abos A, Junque C Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society 2017 Study
Ultra high-field (7 T) multi-resolution fMRI data for orientation decoding in visual cortex Sengupta A, Yakupov R, Speck O, Pollmann S, Hanke M Data in Brief 2017 Data
Functional brain segmentation using inter‐subject correlation in fMRI Kauppi J, Pajula J, Niemi J, Hari R, Tohka J Human Brain Mapping 2017 Study
Electrophysiology Reveals the Neural Dynamics of Naturalistic Auditory Language Processing: Event-Related Potentials Reflect Continuous Model Updates Alday PM, Schlesewsky M, Bornkessel-Schlesewsky I eNeuro 2017 Citing
Music of the 7Ts: Predicting and Decoding Multivoxel fMRI Responses with Acoustic, Schematic, and Categorical Music Features Casey MA Frontiers in Psychology 2017 Study
The integration of the internal and external milieu in the insula during dynamic emotional experiences Vinh Thai Nguyen, Michael Breakspear, Xintao Hu, Christine Cong Guo NeuroImage 2016 Study
Brains on Beats Umut Güçlü, Jordy Thielen, Michael Hanke, Marcel van Gerven Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2016 Study
Decoding power-spectral profiles from FMRI brain activities during naturalistic auditory experience Xintao Hu, Lei Guo, Junwei Han, Tianming Liu Brain Imaging and Behavior 2016 Study
Disentangling the Representation of Identity from Head View Along the Human Face Processing Pathway Guntupalli JS, Wheeler KG, Gobbini MI Cerebral Cortex (New York, NY) 2016 Study
A studyforrest extension, simultaneous fMRI and eye gaze recordings during prolonged natural stimulation Hanke M, Adelhöfer N, Kottke D, Iacovella V, Sengupta A, Kaule FR, Nigbur R, Waite AQ, Baumgartner F, Stadler J Scientific Data 2016 Data
An annotation of cuts, depicted locations, and temporal progression in the motion picture "Forrest Gump" Häusler CO, Hanke M F1000Research 2016 Data
Lies, irony, and contradiction — an annotation of semantic conflict in the movie "Forrest Gump" Hanke M, Ibe P F1000Research 2016 Data
A studyforrest extension, retinotopic mapping and localization of higher visual areas Sengupta A, Kaule FR, Guntupalli JS, Hoffmann MB, Häusler C, Stadler J, Hanke M Scientific Data 2016 Data
Magnetic resonance advection imaging of cerebrovascular pulse dynamics Voss HU, Dyke JP, Tabelow K, Schiff ND, Ballon DJ Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 2016 Study
Data Citation in Neuroimaging: Proposed Best Practices for Data Identification and Attribution Honor LB, Haselgrove C, Frazier JA, Kennedy DN Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 2016 Citing
Exploring fMRI Results Space: 31 Variants of an fMRI Analysis in AFNI, FSL, and SPM Pauli R, Bowring A, Reynolds R, Chen G, Nichols TE, Maumet C Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 2016 Citing
Building a science of individual differences from fMRI Dubois J, Adolphs R Trends in cognitive sciences 2016 Citing
Brain–heart interactions: challenges and opportunities with functional magnetic resonance imaging at ultra-high field Chang C, Raven EP, Duyn JH Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences 2016 Citing
High-resolution 7-Tesla fMRI data on the perception of musical genres Michael Hanke, Richard Dinga, Christian Häusler, J. Swaroop Guntupalli, Michael Casey, Falko R. Kaule, Jörg Stadler F1000Research 2015 Data
A Reduced-Dimension fMRI Shared Response Model Po-Hsuan (Cameron) Chen, Janice Chen, Yaara Yeshurun, Uri Hasson, James Haxby, Peter J. Ramadge Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 2015 Benchmark
The Detection of Emerging Trends Using Wikipedia Traffic Data and Context Networks Kämpf M, Tessenow E, Kenett DY, Kantelhardt JW PLoS ONE 2015 Citing
Highest Resolution In Vivo Human Brain MRI Using Prospective Motion Correction Stucht D, Danishad KA, Schulze P, Godenschweger F, Zaitsev M, Speck O PLoS ONE 2015 Citing
A communication hub for a decentralized collaboration on studying real-life cognition Hanke M, Halchenko YO F1000Research 2015 Citing
Portrayed emotions in the movie "Forrest Gump" Labs A, Reich T, Schulenburg H, Boennen M, Mareike G, Golz M, Hartigs B, Hoffmann N, Keil S, Perlow M, Peukmann AK, Rabe LN, von Sobbe FR, Hanke M F1000Research 2015 Data
A high resolution 7-Tesla resting-state fMRI test-retest dataset with cognitive and physiological measures Gorgolewski KJ, Mendes N, Wilfling D, Wladimirow E, Gauthier CJ, Bonnen T, Ruby FJ, Trampel R, Bazin PL, Cozatl R, Smallwood J, Margulies DS Scientific Data 2015 Citing
Improving functional magnetic resonance imaging reproducibility Pernet C, Poline JB GigaScience 2015 Citing
A high-resolution 7-Tesla fMRI dataset from complex natural stimulation with an audio movie Hanke M, Baumgartner F. J., Ibe P, Kaule F, Pollmann S, Speck O, Zinke W, Stadler J Scientific Data 2014 Data
Multi-modal ultra-high resolution structural 7-Tesla MRI data repository Forstmann BU, Keuken MC, Schafer A, Bazin PL, Alkemade A, Turner R Scientific Data 2014 Citing