This page lists publications that either describe data provided by the studyforrest project, or studies using these data or protocols.

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Title Authors Publication Year Type
Inference of Dynamic Graph Changes for Functional Connectome Dingjue Ji, Junwei Lu, Yiliang Zhang, Hongyu Zhao, Siyuan Gao arXiv 2019 Study
REMoDNaV: Robust Eye Movement Detection for Natural Viewing Asim H. Dar, Adina S. Wagner, Michael Hanke bioRxiv 2019 Study
Intersubject MVPD: Empirical Comparison of fMRI Denoising Methods for Connectivity Analysis Yichen Li, Rebecca Saxe, Stefano Anzellotti bioRxiv 2018 Study
Capturing Shared and Individual Information in fMRI Data Javier S. Turek, Cameron T. Ellis, Lena J. Skalaban, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne, Theodore L. Willke IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2018 Study
Emotionotopy: Gradients encode emotion dimensions in right temporo-parietal territories Giada Lettieri, Giacomo Handjaras, Emiliano Ricciardi, Andrea Leo, Paolo Papale, Monica Betta, Pietro Pietrini, Luca Cecchetti bioRxiv 2018 Study
A Conjugate-Gradient Approach to the Parameter Estimation Problem of Magnetic Resonance Advection Imaging Simon Hubmer, Andreas Neubauer, Ronny Ramlau, Henning U. Voss 2018 Study
Hypersampling of pseudo-periodic signals by analytic phase projection Henning U. Voss Computers in Biology and Medicine 2018 Study
A critical analysis of neuroanatomical software protocols reveals clinically relevant differences in parcellation schemes Shadia Mikhael, Corné Hoogendoorn, Maria Valdes-Hernandez, Cyril Pernet NeuroImage 2018 Study
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Synchronization of resting fMRI time-series across subjects Anand A. Joshii, Minqi Chong, Jian Li, Soyoung Choi, Richard M. Leahy NeuroImage 2018 Study
The hippocampal film-editor: sensitivity and specificity to event boundaries in continuous experience Aya Ben-Yakov, Richard Henson The Journal of Neuroscience 2018 Study
Spatial band-pass filtering aids decoding musical genres from auditory cortex 7T fMRI Ayan Sengupta, Stefan Pollmann, Michael Hanke F1000 Research 2018 Study
Music of the 7Ts: Predicting and Decoding Multivoxel fMRI Responses with Acoustic, Schematic, and Categorical Music Features Michael Casey Frontiers in Psychology 2017 Study
The effect of acquisition resolution on orientation decoding from V1 BOLD fMRI at 7 Tesla Ayan Sengupta, Renat Yakupov, Oliver Speck, Stefan Pollmann, Michael Hanke NeuroImage 2017 Study
Ultra high-field multi-resolution fMRI data for orientation decoding in visual cortex Ayan Sengupta, Renat Yakupov, Oliver Speck, Stefan Pollmann, Michael Hanke Data in Brief 2017 Data
Disentangling the Representation of Identity from Head View Along the Human Face Processing Pathway Swaroop Guntupalli, Kelsey G. Wheeler, M. Ida Gobbini Cerebral Cortex 2016 Study
Lies, irony, and contradiction — an annotation of semantic conflict in the movie "Forrest Gump" Michael Hanke, Pierre Ibe F1000Research 2016 Data
An annotation of cuts, depicted locations, and temporal progression in the motion picture "Forrest Gump" Christian O. Häusler, Michael Hanke F1000Research 2016 Data
Brains on Beats Umut Güçlü, Jordy Thielen, Michael Hanke, Marcel van Gerven Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2016 Study
A studyforrest extension, simultaneous fMRI and eye gaze recordings during prolonged natural stimulation Michael Hanke, Nico Adelhöfer, Daniel Kottke, Vittorio Iacovella, Ayan Sengupta, Falko R. Kaule, Roland Nigbur, Alexander Q. Waite, Florian J. Baumgartner, Jörg Stadler Scientific Data 2016 Data
A studyforrest extension, retinotopic mapping and localization of higher visual areas Ayan Sengupta, Falko R. Kaule, J. Swaroop Guntupalli, Michael B. Hoffmann, Christian Häusler, Jörg Stadler, Michael Hanke, M Scientific Data 2016 Data
Magnetic resonance advection imaging of cerebrovascular pulse dynamics Henning U. Voss, Jonathan P. Dyke, Karsten Tabelow, Nicholas D. Schiff, Douglas J. Ballon Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 2016 Study
Decoding power-spectral profiles from FMRI brain activities during naturalistic auditory experience Xintao Hu, Lei Guo, Junwei Han, Tianming Liu Brain Imaging and Behavior 2016 Study
A Reduced-Dimension fMRI Shared Response Model Po-Hsuan (Cameron) Chen, Janice Chen, Yaara Yeshurun, Uri Hasson, James Haxby, Peter J. Ramadge Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 2015 Benchmark
The integration of the internal and external milieu in the insula during dynamic emotional experiences Vinh Thai Nguyen, Michael Breakspear, Xintao Hu, Christine Cong Guo NeuroImage 2015 Study
High-resolution 7-Tesla fMRI data on the perception of musical genres Michael Hanke, Richard Dinga, Christian Häusler, J. Swaroop Guntupalli, Michael Casey, Falko R. Kaule, Jörg Stadler F1000Research 2015 Data
Portrayed emotions in the movie "Forrest Gump" Annika Labs, Theresa Reich, Helene Schulenburg, Manuel Boennen, Mareike Gehrke, Madleen Golz, Benita Hartigs, Nico Hoffmann, Sebastian Keil, Malú Perlow, Anne Katrin Peukmann, Lea Noell Rabe, Franca-Rosa von Sobbe, Michael Hanke F1000Research 2015 Data
FuSeISC: Functional Segmentation of Brain fMRI during naturalistic stimulus based on Inter-Subject Correlation Juha Pajula, Jussi Tohka, Jukka-Pekka Kauppi 2014 Study
Identifying task-related activity using periodic graph properties Lars Marstaller, Jeiran Choupan, Arend Hintze 2014 Study
A high-resolution 7-Tesla fMRI dataset from complex natural stimulation with an audio movie Michael Hanke, Florian J. Baumgartner, Pierre Ibe, Falko Kaule, Stefan Pollmann, Oliver Speck, Wolf Zinke, Jörg Stadler Scientific Data 2014 Data